Save on
energy costs


LED lighting emits a large amount of light while being highly energy-efficient and having a low rate of heat loss, enabling you to save between 50 and 80% on energy costs compared to traditional lamps.

Save on
maintenance costs


LED lighting is 25 to 50 times more durable than conventional light bulbs, depending on factors such as temperature and fluctuations in temperature. This longer lifespan will help you save on maintenance and replacement costs.

Did you know that

We provide various financing options to ensure that anyone can switch to LED lighting investment-free.

The price differences for various types of LED lighting are determined by the quality of the lamp, the driver and the cooling system.

By switching to LED, consumers and businesses can save up to 50-80% on their energy consumption for lighting.

The return on investment in LED is approximately 1-3 years. The situation-specific return on investment depends on a variety of factors, including current energy prices.

LED lighting has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) of any type of lighting! The TCO of lighting is calculated by adding up the purchase value, energy consumption, burning hours, economic life and replacement costs.

LED can make the difference anywhere: at schools, offices, warehouses, showrooms, airports and health centres