We are leaders in new light. We want to inspire people with our ideas about light. We intend to facilitate the switch to LED by providing independent advice, excellence of service, first-rate products and financial solutions.

Leaders in new light


The Internet of Things, new trends in technology and new insights into a variety of professional areas, including psychology and biology, will change the way the world looks at light. By listening, coming up with the right solutions and integrating the expertise of different parties, we continue to rethink and change our vision on light.

Quality product ranges, excellent service


We work exclusively with certified installation companies and experienced suppliers. The product ranges we offer have already proved their success. That’s how we make sure we can always provide the quality our customers deserve.



In all our projects, we like to work together with all the parties involved. By investigating how we can complement each other, we can achieve smarter solutions and better results.



In order to make LED lighting available to all, we work with our customers to find a fitting financial solution for an investment free switch to LED.

“LED enables us to change the world around us for the better in myriad ways. For one, we can significantly reduce our energy consumption."

Loes Fokker


"By using LED effectively, we can create the ideal light conditions for any situation, prevent symptoms such as headache and stress, and increase concentration and productivity.”

Marjolein van den Berg

Manager Operations

Our consultants

As an executive producer of the globally acclaimed documentaries ‘Earth’ and ‘Deep Blue’, I was confronted with the vulnerability of the world around us. We will need to start working together to build a more sustainable world, and LED can truly make the difference.

The LEDs Inspire team is committed to reducing energy consumption and, by extension, reducing carbon emissions to an equivalent of the absorption capacity of 1 billion trees.

I have every confidence that the LEDs Inspire team will achieve that target.

Stefan Beiten
Founder & Investor
Executive Producer of the BBC documentaries ‘Earth’ and ‘Deep Blue’

LEDs Inspire seeks to inspire people with its powerful vision – a vision that continues to evolve. As a member of the ISA, they demonstrate that they wish to be part of the latest trends and developments related to light, that they can integrate innovative ideas and are able to enter into international partnerships.

Prof. G.Q. Zhang
Co-chair of the Advisory Board of International SSL Alliance (ISA),
Chairing Professor for Micro/Nanoelectronics System Integration and Reliability

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