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LED lighting creates a big impact in any professional environment. We inspire by sharing our knowledge and expertise on the endless possibilities of LED. We support companies intending to create a healthier, more efficient and more attractive lighting environment. Lets contribute to a more sustainable world.

We deliver solutions for LED lighting


If you want to make the switch to professional LED lighting, you will receive from us: - Independent, customised lighting advice - Carefully selected product ranges - Financial solutions - Excellence of service

Your switch to LED lighting:
from inspiration to installation

LEDs meet


Feel free to contact us or leave a message on our website. We will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment for a complementary LED inspiration session.

LED inspiration session


During a personal inspiration session, our lighting experts will show you exactly how big the impact of LED can be in your situation. Taking into account your lighting set-up and your lighting requirements, they will offer independent advice on an ideal LED lighting set-up and the best way to make the transition to LED.

LED proposal


We aim to make a customised lighting recommendation within 48 hours, following an inspiration session, and provide you with a suitable quote. This quote will show you how much you can save annually in each section of your building, what the investment costs are and what your return of investment will be.

LED installation


Our own installation technicians, one of our dedicated partners, or your in-house installation engineer, will be able to install the lighting solutions.

Welcome to the world of LED

Your investment free switch to LED lighting


We offer various financial products to make the switch to LED lighting investment free. Our financial services include financing your investment with your future energy savings with various rental and leasing opportunities. For any questions on our financial services, please contact the LEDs Inspire team.

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The best lighting solutions

We want to provide the best solutions at all times and offer three different product ranges, each of which meets our stringent requirements for quality, sustainability and design.

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